substitute material for wood pallets

Alternative pallets 101 - Modern Materials Handling

Sep 1, 2010 When it comes to versatility and cost, wood, plastic and steel pallets are still the kings of the hill when it comes to the materials used for pallet

slip sheet - the eco-friendly alternative to the wooden pallet

Slip Sheet is the economic and eco-friendly alternative to the wooden pallet. PROPASHEET costs 4-5 times less than traditional pallets, it is equally sturdy, but

Alternative to Wooden Pallets - Paradigm Plastic Pallets

Replace your wooden pallets with an innovative 100% recycled plastic material platform that would be lighter, more durable and sustainable.

Many Companies Offer Pallets Made from Alternative Materials

Nov 1, 2015 Alternative Materials Guide: Directory of non-wood pallet including plastic, metal, corrugated and composite pallets from a variety of suppliers

Looking for a low cost alternative to wooden pallets? Try 100 - Ferret

Sep 3, 2012 Packaging sustainability is not just a regional consideration. Here, looks at 100% recycled pallets designed to cut costs when

Lightweight alternative to wooden pallet completes testing Air

Jun 6, 2018 Ginnis said that pricing will be competitive with regular wooden pallets. The concept will be available to wood pallet firms for purchase, allowing

Plastic vs. Wood - Should You Use Wood or Plastic Pallets? ProStack

Jul 28, 2016 Plastic pallets are the fastest growing, most commonly sold and used alternative to wood. If you're considering switching to plastic pallets, we

IKEA creates plastic pallets as an alternative to wooden pallets

Feb 15, 2012 IKEA, the international furniture retailer giant, has developed plastic pallets to replace the traditional wooden pallets when shipping goods

Shippers Say Goodbye to Wood Pallets Forever… …And Hello to a

alternative has taken hold. Metal pallets are strong, but very . the pi pallet, a hybrid of durable corrugated material and heat-treated wood bonded together with

Alternative Material Pallets - Millwood, Inc.

Find alternative material pallets, composite pallets and plastic pallets from Millwood Inc. These pallets are designed to overcome the drawbacks of wood pallets.

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